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Enhanced Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies & Partnerships to Effectively Impact Your Brand Protection Initiatives

Despite all the efforts you put forth to reduce trademark infringement and counterfeiting upon your brand; the fight continues. In today’s price-competitive marketplace, no brand is exempt from being counterfeited, and almost every brand is an equal opportunity target for counterfeiters on a global level.

With counterfeited products, knock-offs, grey market, and diversion activities still on the rise, your teams need to rev up their anti-counterfeiting, brand & trademark protection efforts.

With the ever-evolving capabilities the Internet affords counterfeiters, no longer can you focus all your anti-counterfeiting efforts toward border controls and brick & mortar illicit activities. In order to mitigate the effects of IP Infringement in the modern marketplace, you must effectively collaborate with a wide variety of IP and brand protection thought-leaders, In-House and Outside Counsel, investigation experts and many others; in order to combat the prevalence of global illicit trade pervading the WORLD wide web and overall marketplace.

This year’s event will be a perfect opportunity to:

  •  Explore effective methods to protect your brand from internal threats utilizing effective safeguards & protocols
  •  Better understand how develop creative spins to engage your consumer & reduce trademark infringement
  •  Learn more about effective track & trace methods to reduce a variety of product counterfeiting
  •  Learn how to effectively reduce Chinese online counterfeiting rings harming your brand in China and worldwide
  •  And much more!

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Enhanced Anti-Counterfeiting

Take advantage of 6+ hours of networking opportunities---with Thought Leaders in the space, as well as with industry colleagues and competitors

Learn more about what’s taking place in the space from a wide variety of consumer product companies such as the: Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Publishing, E-Commerce, Tobacco, Sports Equipment, Business Products, and much more!

Examine how to attack counterfeiting globally by effective partnerships with such agencies as: INTERPOL, the FBI, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as well as local authorities that can assist in your anti-counterfeiting efforts

Stay up-to-date of the current trends, best practices, and innovative methods to reduce trademark infringement against your brand

And much more!
Join us for the 17th Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection – West Coast Summit to learn how your brand can expand and enhance its legal and brand protection arsenal to fight the global battle against trademark infringement!

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