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There’s too much at stake to sit back and passively react to counterfeiters. At the 11th Annual Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit in New York, you’ll meet with brand leaders and law enforcement partners who are proactively taking the fight to the brand thieves.

This is the only event that facilitates high-level discussions between brand protection managers, legal counsel, directors of investigation and law enforcement officials. Learn more about our speaking faculty and anticipated attendees.

For three days, you’ll engage in workshops, panel discussions and bespoke presentations. Download the brochure to learn about event topics including online monitoring, developing and implementing cost- effective brand protection strategies, the social media equation and many other provocative topics.

Lessons you'll Take Away From the Summit:

onductinternal audits to assess the security of your products throughout the distribution chain

versee the internet and online marketplaces for the sale of counterfeit goods

nderstand the importance of working collaboratively with law enforcement

ecessity of utilizing new technologies that are appropriate for your product

rain employees on how important IP protection is to your company’s bottom line

ducate consumers on the dangers of counterfeit products

egister your trademarks in countries where your products are manufactured and sold

igure out and monitor key trademarks and unauthorized use of your brands

nlist the help of experienced investigators to build enforceable cases locally and abroad

nform law enforcement of suspected distribution or importation of counterfeit goods

ailor your anti-counterfeiting and brand protection strategy to meet your company's needs

hut down rogue websites that are selling your products


“It was an exciting opportunity to learn from companies who have already forged the trail of counterfeit defense.”
Corporate Intellectual Property Counsel, Hypertherm
“A solid event. Educational… with an engaging and entertaining lineup of presenters.”
Assistant General Counsel & Vice President, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

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